Card wants are HERE

Gardevoir Pokemon Time Strap
Gardevoir Pokemon Petit Plush
Gardevoir Awake Kuttari Plush
Jakks Ralts & Kirlia

Gardevoir flip coins, battrio, and chips. Kirlia and Ralts Megablok (Have Gardevoir)

Mega Gardevoir charm.

Ralts and Gardevoir Tomy Figures

Drifloon & Drifblim:
Minty Drifloon & Drifblim Jakks
Clear Drifloon & Drifblim kid figures

Jirachi Pokemon Time Tin
Jirachi Sleeping Kuttari plush

Jirachi Pokedoll tin

Jirachi 10th Anniversary zukan, Jirachi zukan

Pokemon time patterned bookmark
Dratini Line pins

Kokeshi Froslass charm
Clear Froslass kid figure

Kokeshi tin and Platinum TCG Tin

Gym Badge card and Hoenn Leaders

Tomy Figures
Flaaffy Kid
Mareep & Flaaffy Clear Kids
Mareep Zipper Pull


Pokebox Goods (excluding Ampharos charm)

Snover zukan
Secret Teams Pikachu Magma figure, strap, OR tin, and single sticker
Team Magma Tumbler/glass

Pokemon Center Japanese Style Bulbasaur Plush

Some life updates

The last couple of weeks have been a blur. Between four exams (in one week, yeesh), a phone interview, and a follow up office visit, I haven't had much time for livejournal. I was hoping to clean up my sales (and maybe put a few things on ebay) but frankly, I just haven't had time! I ended up getting the job offer on the fifth and I'm so excited! I start the second week of January. Unfortunately, I expect to have even less free time then, but I'm so excited to finally be graduating- especially now that I have a full-time position lined up in my field.
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Sales Rules

This sales post is for members of the Pkmncollectors community ONLY.

Sales permission granted on March 21, 2015 by areica96.

Sales Rules:
-My feedback can be found here.
-All pkmncollectors community rules apply. I will not sell to people banned from the community.
-Currently NOT selling outside of the U.S. (Sorry, it's just too much of a hassle right now)
-I take PayPal only, sorry for any inconvenience.
-Payment must be sent within 48 hours.
-I ship from the state of Wisconsin from a smoke free household. I have a cat and had a dog for a while. Please don't buy if you're worried about allergies- the hair inevitably gets everywhere.
-Prices are in USD.
-Shipping may be slow! It is most likely that I will ship on a Saturday, but I am sometimes able to get things ready to go for a roommate to drop at the PO.
-Shipping will start at $2 for US or $3 international. I can ship up to 3 cards an envelope for $0.90, any more will be in a bubblemailer. If you choose to have them shipped in an envelope, I will topload and tape the sides but please note that I am not responsible for packages after they've left my posession.
-Currently not accepting trades unless you have a blue Dragonair metal figure.
-Haggling is allowed, but please be reasonable and note that I may refuse an offer (though it's unlikely as I'd like to get all of this shipped out!).
-I will hold for 24 hours after I reply to a comment. If I don't hear from you about committing after that, the item will AUTOMATICALLY go to the next interested member.

WARNING: There are about 40 pictures in this post. Opening all cuts is not suggested for slow computers/phones/tablets!
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Livejournaling for the first time

Hi there! I'm Caryn- lover of all things Disney Princess and many things Pokémon.
I started getting into the Pokémon franchise around 2004 when I got my very first game system- a platinum gameboy advance bundled under the Christmas tree with Pokémon Leaf Green. It wasn't long before I was hooked. I've owned pretty much the entire line of Nintendo handhelds, from GBA to my 3DS, and almost every Pokémon title made for them. I completed my first pokedex in 2010 on my Diamond game.
My favorite pocket monsters are Dragonair and Gardevoir & my favorite eeveelution is Umbreon, though I'm growing quite fond of Sylveon.

I'd love to get to know you so feel free to message me on livejournal or tumblr under the same username.